Conveyor Chain Overview

Who uses our Products?

  • Automotive Plants
  • Paint Shops
  • Powder Facilities
  • Foundries/ Steel Mills
  • Appliance Manufacturers
  • Meat & Poultry processing plants
  • Furniture / Office equipment plants
  • Farm Equipment Manufacturers
  • Heavy Construction Equipment
  • Car Wash Industry

The graphics below show the two main types of conveyor chain assemblies. Also pointed out are the main components that make up each assembly. Each component has various options and specifications

Overhead Power Only

Overhead Power Only Conveyor System

POWER-ONLY chain assemblies will have attachments on the trolleys from which the product will hang, and no pusher dogs

Overhead Power & Free

Overhead Power and Free Conveyor Chain

POWER & FREE chain assemblies will have pusher dogs in the chain. The pusher dog's purpose is to push the free trolley, which rides in a channel below the conveyor chain. No product hangs from the power & free chain assembly, but rather from the free trolleys below it.

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