Why Are Our Wheels Better?

How a wheel wears

When Traveling on a horizontal plane, only a small part of the wheels inner race sees any pressure. Since the inner race is stationary and does not turn the same small portion is the only part of the inner race that wears
* red area indicates wear











A through-hardened chrome bearing is essential for long wheel life.

The Quantum wheel is manufactured using through hardened, 52100 chrome steel ball bearings, inner and outer races

Through hardened is just that, hard all the way through. Case hardened parts are only hard to a certain depth. Once that depth is reached, parts wear out exponentially.
Through Hardened Case Hardened


Perfect alignment of the inner races is necessary for the balls to seat properly.

Poor aligned inner raceways

Properly aligned inner raceways















Case Study

The load wheel shown in the photos below were in operation for less than six months.
*The race on the left has little, if any, of its original case hardened surface. The close up shows crushing of the inner races, due to improper alignment

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