What is a Power Trolley?

A power trolley consists of two identical half trolleys bolted together with an attachment. There are four sizes of power trolleys made to operate on 3", 4", and 6" I-beam track

The trolley side arm is rugged steel forging with double ribs form maximum load capacity. The sidearm has extra wide chain pockets that fit the chain securely, increasing the load bearing and reducing wear. The trolley wheel raced are machined from solid 52100 chrome and heat-treated for hardness. The Balls inside the trolley wheels are made from 52100 chrome as well is the inner race of the wheel. With this material you will have maximum load and durability.

Trolley wheels are mounted to the side arms through an orbital riveting process. This process is superior to swaging as it moves more material and assures the wheel will not separate from the side arm. See the video below.

Power trolleys can be sealed with customer specified grease. See video below.

Power trolleys are normally shipped assembled to chain, with spacing specified by the customer.

power trolley
Orbital Riveting Grease and Seal

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