About Us

Blue Water Manufacturing, Inc. is a primary supplier of drop forged rivetless conveyor chain, trolleys, trolley attachments, and other chain conveyor components. The company was formed in 1986. They took the name Blue Water from the beautiful blue St. Clair River water that runs past the plant in Marysville, Michigan.

Since that time, other conveyor companies have benefited from products supplied by Blue Water Manufacturing as well. The company’s reputation for quality products, fast deliveries, and competitive pricing has made them a reliable supplier in the industry. Blue Water’s growth has allowed it to continually expand its product line, increase its inventory, and develop new technologies to improve the life and integrity of its products.

Blue Water Manufacturing has nine sales representatives in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The company also has distribution in South America and the Far East.

Manufactured Products/Services

Drop forged rivetless conveyor chains – X-348, X-458,X-678,698, and S-348, trolley attachments, chain attachments, pusher dogs, conveyor chain and trolley assembly and chain testing services.

Primary Markets Served

Chain conveyor OEMs, poultry processing OEMs, agricultural OEMs, mining OEMs and other heavy industry applications.

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