What is a Chain Attachment?

Conveyor Chain Attachments carry loads or load carrying equipment on Monoveyors. They are positioned between half trolleys and secured with bolts, locking trolleys and are attached to rivetless chain

There are 5 types of chain attachments available, “H”, “I”, “B”, “C”, and load bars.

  • “H” attachments are the most commonly used. It is formed from steel and is suitable for suspending almost any type of hook or rack

  • “I” attachments carry no load; these attachments are used when no load is being hung form the trolley

  • "B” attachments are usually used to support a load bar, the attachment is a steel forging with a threaded stud

  • “C” attachments are to be used when the carrier design includes a clevis, this attachment can also be used for a bent rod hook to carry light parts

  • Load bars allows pairing of power trolleys and therefore doubles their weight capacity, a “B" attachment is used to attach these load bars to the power trolley




"H" Attachment "I" Attachment "B" Attachment "C" Attachment
H Chain Attachment I Chain Attachment B Chain Attachment C Chain Attachment
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